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Wiener Mittags-Zeitung, 9th of November 1904

k. k. Albert Milde

Wiener Mittags-Zeitung, 9. November 1904; Deckblatt

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Wiener Mittags-Zeitung, 9. November 1904; Folgeseite

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(Albert Milde +) Albert Milde, the former artistic wrought iron smith and owner of one of the biggest metal constructions’ manufactory has died yesterday in miserable conditions. Partly due to unlucky train of events, partly - to his own fault Milde, as well as due to the fact that he has never been the businessman in the real sense, and his kindness was misused by others, Albert Milde, whose name closely connected to the Viennese art history, fell from the top of the fame, which accompanied him during 70s – 80s. Due to his own power and tireless diligence Milde, who in his youth came to Vienna from home town Wsjetin in Moravia, has become a leading locksmith. Due to the participation in the Paris World Fair in 1878 his name as Viennese artistic iron smith became famous also abroad. The Franz Josef-Order was a reward for his achievements. At the end of 80s Milde got into difficult financial situation and had to apply at the beginning of 1890 for a moratorium. It came to the bankruptcy and Milde joined the newly created company Albert Milde und Co. as an employee. Around five years ago Milde has resigned also from this position. Lately, Milde was struck by illnesses; so hedonic man became gloomy and sad, the death meant for him the redemption after life filled with work, success, but also with disappointments and misfortune.