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Fragment of one protocol

k. k. Albert Milde

Fragment of one protocol

As the members of the committee the following people have been chosen.: Josef Aster, Johann Halwachs, Josef Hanauska, Josef Ladislan, Albert Milde, Heinrich Sasse, Josef Tischler, Ludwig Wallner, and Michael Werle.

As substitutes: Josef Leithner, Andreas Stockhammer, Johann Ziegler, and Ignaz Langhammer..

For the control section the following people were chosen: Carl Fiedler, Carl Polzer, Ferdinand Ruhs, Josef Striebl, and Heinrich Ehrlich.

As substitutes: Anton Reihs and Josef Heinisch.

Mr. Baierlein has thanked everybody for choosing him as the chairman and highlighted that a mutual consent among colleagues is highly required in order to continue successful activities. After detailed discussion of several important issues, execution of which is realistic assuming everybody’s participation ….


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